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General Information about the Frankenwald

The Frankenwald (franc wood) as a German low mountain range lies mainly in northern Upper Franconia between the Thuringian wood, the Obermainland and Fichtelgebirge . Together with the Thuringian Schiefergebirge and the Vogtländischen Schiefergebirge the Frankenwald forms the Saalische Schiefergebirge.

The Döbraberg with 794 meters about sea level is the highest elevation in the Frankenwald, the second-highest mountain is the Wetzstein with 792 meters about sea level near the Thuringian town Brennersgrün. Important towns and cities in the Frankenwald are Kronach, Bad Steben, Naila, Stadtsteinach, Schauenstein, Tettau, Lichtenberg or Schwarzenbach am Wald.

The wood at the Frankenwald

With the extensive spruce forests and some deciduous forests the franc wood is even today an area rich in wood, and formerly less spruces than rather copper beeches and firs stood. The colonialization of the Frankenwald used with the setting up of the diocese Bamberg in 1007 by emperor Heinrich II. It began an intensive clearing work in a rough climate and a harsh region. Still today there end many places on the syllables -reuth, -grün or -schwand and point with thus to the clearing and their setting up. There itself the barren bottoms only causes for the agriculture were suited, it does not surprise that the wooden shaft and forestry was the most important source of income in the franc wood. The woods of the Frankenwald were the basis for glass and porcelain industry. On the partly quickly streaming flows the wood was floated over the Main and the Rhine partially to Amsterdam. Annually become in the Frankenwald approx. hherefore, 1 million Christmas trees hit and is designated in the vernacular with pleasure „ green crown of Bavaria “.

Water and flow runs in the Frankenwald

Here the Rodach which runs with her tributaries Haßlach, Kronach and Schorgast towards the Main is to be called firstly. The Loquitz in the north and the Selbitz in the eastern Frankenwald flow into the Saale. The Ködeltalsperre with her 21 million cubic meters of capacity is the biggest drinking water dam of Bavaria and can supply with their raw water almost completely Upper Franconia.

Tourism at the Frankenwald

Who is a matter walking with pleasure or wants to explore by the bicycle a still almost untouched nature, is lifted in the Frankenwald very well. The virtually breathtaking beauty along the river runs of Rodach and Werra, but also the Rennsteig path with the Wetzstein is esteemed, in any case, a trip. A special adventure are rafting trips with a float on the Rodach. Who is interested in mining, the only skew mine still located in the operation can have a look in Lotharheil by Geroldsgrün, followers of filigree manual labor come with the bobbin to Nordhalben fully at their expense. With the fortress Roseberg in Kronach or the moated castle in Mitwitz unique historic architectural monuments are in the Frankenwald. >  Regions at Franconia > Frankenwald (The franc wood)
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